The 2014 Jeep Cherokee Brings Glass Explorers to Raleigh

This past fall, Jeep gave a few special people the chance to test-drive the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee. What made those people special? Aside from being among the first people to drive the revived Cherokee, all of them were Google Glass users.

Google Glass is the tech giant’s relatively new augmented reality device that you wear on your face like a pair of glasses. Glass users can send messages, record video and take pictures, navigate, and perform many other actions, all via voice control, a button on of the glasses’ arms, and a small viewing screen. The technology is still in development and not available to the general public, but Jeep’s first Glass Explorer was one of the first people granted access to Google’s special spectacles. His name is Jack Spurlock, and he’s featured in the above video and on Jeep’s official blog.

What grabbed our attention is that Jeep decided to have their Glass Explorers drive around our very own state. You can watch Jake as he drives around downtown Raleigh, getting acquainted with the 2014 Cherokee.

A 1999 Cherokee owner, Jake approves of the new design, commenting on the curved look of the revitalized Cherokee that replaces the boxy look of his old model. As a tech developer, he was most enamored with all the technology packed into this new Jeep. Detail was given to the sensors and sonar that assist with parking and lane-keeping, as well as the rich infotainment system.

It’s worth noting that Jake wasn’t using Google Glass while driving or at any time while the vehicle was in motion because that isn’t want the device is for, and besides it would probably count as texting while driving, which is of course illegal in North Carolina. Still, it was no doubt helpful in capturing all the cool features of the 2014 Cherokee.

To find out more about Google Glass, visit the official webpage. If you want to read further into Jake’s adventure, visit the Jeep blog. For more on the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, leave a comment, send an email to, or speak to someone at Leith Chrysler Jeep.

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