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How To: Mount a GoPro on Your Chrysler, Jeep

Ah, Mr. Spielberg, perched so daintily atop your E.T. money, we suspect that you never foresaw the rise of the GoPro camera. A manageable, smartphone-sized video camera capable of recording high-definition video while suction-cupped onto nearly any surface imaginable—Indiana Jones could have used one of these in the Temple of Doom, eh? Well, we’re not […]

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How To: Go Off-Roading on Sand

Greetings and hello once again from all of us at Leith Chrysler Jeep. You look like you’ve gotten a bit of sun this summer. Been taking that Jeep to the beach like we keep telling you to? Well if you haven’t already, there’s still a month or so left before school starts back, so don’t […]

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