“It’s the details that make the vehicle.”

As part of their “Imported from Detroit” campaign, Chrysler hosted an event at Detroit Mercantile Co. to showcase their 2013 special edition vehicles. Designers mingled with folks from other Detroit-grown businesses to gauge their response. A crew from Autoweek was there to catch the cars and the reactions they inspired on film. “Every time we introduce […]

Start Your Engines: Leith Career Night

Leith is looking for someone like you. We’re looking for someone who is talented and dedicated. Someone diligent, someone willing to improve and grow. Somebody who knows they can do better, who deserves better than their current job. We’re looking for someone who wants to shine. Leith has an opportunity for you. We want to […]

The Blog You Can Trust

Hello! Welcome to the new blog for Leith Chrysler Jeep in Raleigh. We are thrilled to bring you the new face of Leith Chrysler Jeep on the web. With this fresh start, we will be looking to introduce you to our highly experienced staff as well as our complete selection of Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. […]