Archive | May, 2014

Leith Proudly Supports the Drive for Troops

Ever since Memorial Day, we’ve been thinking about our heroes. There were many honored on Monday, men and women who served in the armed forces and did not come home, whom we have kept in our thoughts throughout the week. By remembering their sacrifice, we can do our part and give them the tribute they […]

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Nitrous Oxide and Other Boosters

It’s a common trope in almost every racing movie you’ve ever seen. There comes a moment in the film’s plot where the main character’s fast car has to kick it into overdrive and go superfast. Waiting for this most desperate of moments, the hero flips a cover off of the conspicuous red button you’ve been […]

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Six Road Trip Tips from Leith

It’s time to pack your bags and saddle up because everyone’s favorite long weekend is here. Memorial Day weekend is unofficially the beginning of summer, so many people take the chance to enjoy a quick road trip and some fun in the sun. Some of us have to work on Monday, so we won’t be […]

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