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2015 Chrysler 300

2015 Chrysler 300 Is Eerily Like Liam Neeson

In these pre-summer days, the urge to go outdoors and feel the warmth that the winter’s snow and ice swore we’d never see is nearly overpowering. There will come a day when we’ll cower under the oppressive weight of a thousand North Carolina humidity-infused summers. But right now? To borrow a phrase from Joe Cocker, […]

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Convertible Chrysler: From Mad Men to Your Driveway

This past Sunday, when the weather was beautiful and the sun felt golden, we were out driving when we came across someone enjoying his 1960s, super wide convertible—with the top down, of course. “What is that?” gasped the person we were with, somewhere between Chapel Hill and Nirvana, mentally. While it was not the 1964 […]

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