How To: Go Off-Roading on Sand

Greetings and hello once again from all of us at Leith Chrysler Jeep. You look like you’ve gotten a bit of sun this summer. Been taking that Jeep to the beach like we keep telling you to? Well if you haven’t already, there’s still a month or so left before school starts back, so don’t miss your chance.

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We thought that if you are planning another beach excursion, you should be prepared to take your Jeep with you out onto the sand (provided the park allows it). Our friends at the Jeep official blog have come up with five tips for off-roading on sand that we thought we would share (and we’re glad to see a little bit of life from them after their Outfitting for Off-Roading series petered out after two posts). Without further ado:

1. Properly equip your vehicle. You’ll want to make sure you have a good set of tires and that you’ve taken steps to make your Jeep visible to other people in the area. This might involve affixing a flag to your vehicle. It’s best to abide by any and all local regulations.

2. Lower your tire pressure. Yes, that’s right. Dropping your tire pressure by about ten pounds will give you additional traction in sandier conditions. Make sure you add that air pressure back in before you leave the dunes, though.

3. Understand the sand. Is the sand soft and dry? Or is it wet and compacted? You need to know this before you really get moving, as it might be necessary to switch between high and low 4WD settings depending on the consistency of the beach.

4. Keep moving. The best way to avoid getting stuck is to keep your momentum up. Don’t slow down if you can avoid it.

5. Make wide turns. Steer clear of sharp directional changes. You want to make big, exaggerated turns to get where you’re going, so try to avoid spots where you’ll have to make narrow and disjointed maneuvers.

Now then, get back out there and leave some tracks in the sand. Where is your favorite beach to go off-roading? We want to know.

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